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At Ultimate Deal® Pizza, we take great pride and care to provide you with the best Pizza. We believe that the food you eat, besides being good for your health, should also taste great. That is the reason we offer a variety of toppings and a wide array of choices, balancing a nutritional diet with splendid taste. 

Our mouth wateringly-delicious pizza starts every day with our pizza artisans skillfully preparing fresh hand-stretched dough ensuring just the right level of aeration in the flour mixture to create your perfect crust. Ultimate Deal® artisans use fresh high quality natural tomato sauce made from California tomatoes with no sugar added, the finest of mozzarella cheeses, hand picked fresh vegetables and high quality meats to complete the preparation of your Ultimate Deal® Pizza. We have searched the world to select the Ultimate® ovens to bake your personal Ultimate® pizza. At Ultimate Deal® Pizza we craft your authentic Ultimate® Pizza for the finest, Ultimate® culinary experience! So take a closer look at our menu and enjoy your Ultimate® pizza.


At ULTIMATE DEAL® we take all of our food offerings very seriously. We take great pride in serving to you the finest fish menu. And all of our Haddock fish is caught fresh from the ocean, following responsible, sustainable, best fishing practices. Did you know that we can even trace where our fish was caught, what boat caught it and even who packed it! We buy the best Haddock to get the most meaty flakes of fish for your Ultimate® enjoyment!

Now that's clever!

Keep your eyes peeled for our Fish Specials for a real treat at Ultimate Deal® Pizza in St.Catharines.


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